About GuardianForge

GuardianForge is a platform to easily create a sharable link of your build within Destiny 2.

For information on how to use GuardianForge, please see the Docs.

How it Started

My name is Brian, I am a full stack developer based out of Chicago as well as a pretty big fan of the Destiny universe. The idea for GuardianForge came to me as I was watching creators on YouTube describe a build while explaining how the various equipment, subclasses, mods, etc. all work together to make their characters do some pretty cool things. I enjoy watching these videos, but have a hard time remembering all the things they describe. So I thought "it would be great if there was a simple way to outline everything they have equipped while describing this build…"

And after a few weeks, GuardianForge was born!

I plan to further document the journey on my personal blog and YouTube channel over the coming weeks. Feel free to follow me @brianmmdev or @guardianforge on Twitter for updates as they are released.

Platform Vision & Whats Next

As I've been building GuardianForge, new and interesting ways in which the platform kept coming to me. Here are a few things I have planned for GF.

Build Ratings

Users will be able to rate & comment on a build. This will help create a database of the best builds for the community to try out.

Builds by Activity

If you are looking for a build that accommodates a specific activity, this will help narrow down which ones work the best.

Fireteam Builds

Looking to jump into a Raid or Grandmaster? Pull up a collection of builds grouped together so your entire fireteam can be setup for success.

Build Favorites

Save your favorite builds to quickly refer back to them in the future.

Apply Builds

If you find a build you want to try, this will allow you to equip an entire build with a click of a button. (This is a big one and will likely be a while...)

A note about Monetization

While GuardianForge will remain free to use, it does cost time & money to build a product like this. At some point during the beta, I'll be placing ads throughout the site in various places in a tasteful way. Meaning I wont be overloading the entire app with ads to make it unusable.

At some point, a premium version will also be released that will add additional features (some of which may be listed above) as well as remove ads from the site.

Have other suggestions? Feel free to give me feedback using this form.