GuardianForge Premium Subscriptions

Hey everyone! I want to take a moment and talk about the newest addition to GuardianForge: Subscriptions.

How Subscriptions Work

Subscriptions provide a new way to support the development of GuardianForge. Most users of the internet dont like ads (myself included), but they are necessary to keep websites & applications online when services offerred are essentially free. When I started building Forge, I always wanted to build in the option for an ad-free experience, and thats what Subscriptions provide.

By subscribing, all ads on the site will be disabled, and you'll be supporting an independent developer & fellow Guardian!

How to Subscribe

There are a few ways to access the option to subscribe, with more likely coming soon:

  1. The home page has a button to subscribe.
  2. If you are running an ad-blocker, a message will display instead offering the option to subscribe.
  3. Finally, if you head into the "Edit Profile" menu item, you'll have the option listed there.

When you click the Subscribe button, you'll be presented with both montly & yearly rates, with the yearly being discounted. Simply select your rate and click Pay via Stripe, which will redirect you to the payment processor.

(Its worth noting that GuardianForge NEVER sees your personal financial info, all processing of that data is handled by Stripe.)

Auto-Renew is enabled by default.

To disable auto-renew, simply head back into the Edit Profile page and click the button to disable it. If you need a refund, please reach out to me directly via email at or via my Twitter @brianmmdev.

How Subscriptions Will Evolve

While subscribing at this moment only disables ads, I have some cosmetic ideas in mind for the future which include changing the theme of the site, changing the background image on the Social embeds, and allow creators to add logos to their profile to do some creating things with.

I have ZERO plans to paywall functionality.

A Personal Note

Forge is a passion project of mine. I have a number of other properties that I actively maintain, but this is one that I hold dear to my heart beacuse of my love of Destiny and my desire to make the experience better for as many people as I can! That said, running Forge costs ALOT of time, and some money each month to host it in AWS. Subscribing to Forge means you're supporting my efforts directly, and I truly appreciate any and all Guardians who do ❤️

Take care and I'll see you around The Tower!

  • Brian