GuardianForge Stats 2021

This post marks the first of a tradition in looking back at the various build data thats been collected over the past year. First is some generic stats. Personally, I want to thank each and every Guardian who took the time to explore Forge!

While there is a pretty even spread across all classes, Warlocks currently hold first place.

Stasis seems to be the most popular subclass regardless of which class you main.

Combining both class & subclass, we actually see Stasis Titans having the most builds. As a fellow crayon eater, this certainly put a smile on my face 😀

Finally, here are the top 15 items seen across all bulds. I personally was surprised that more exotics didnt make it into the list!

While the dataset for this is definitely on the smaller side, I loved putting this together! As Forge builds, I plan to do these at the end of each year, and the end of each season as the meta changes.

Any other data you'd be interested in seeing? Feel free DM the @guardianforge Twitter account!