Welcome to the GuardianForge Blog! This is the first of many posts that I hope to be on GuardianForge. I started Forge earlier this year with the vision of being the all inclusive source for anything and everything build-crafting in Destiny 2. Here is a bit of what you can expect is coming down the pipe.

The Blog

This article kicks off the blog, but I have many plans on what kind of content you can expect here. To start, I plan to begin reviewing builds myself in the coming weeks. This could be loadouts I enjoy running myself, or builds that have been submitted by the Destiny community. I also want to dive into various combinations of equipment, mods, perks, etc that synergize well together. There are nearly endless combinations of these within the game, but anyone who pays attention to the build-crafting community knows that there are certain ones that stand above the others, either for PvE or PvP content.

I also plan to open the blog to guest contributions. While there isn’t a system in place to submit these currently, it will be coming. In the mean-time, if you are interested in contributing to the blog, ping me on Twitter @brianmmdev and we can chat!

Finally, I’ll be occasionally publishing developer-focused posts for the nerdiest of Guardians out there (looking at you, Warlocks…)

Announcements & The Changelog

Whenever new features are released, I generally post to Twitter detailing what’s been added. While that wont change, the blog will be a great source for all the new features that are added to GuardianForge over time. And with it being tightly integrated with the app, users will eventually receive notifications when new posts are added to the blog, or the app as a whole has been updated.

Even when there are no formal announcements, I’m constantly tweaking & improving Forge to make it better for it’s users. That said, sometimes things might change or break unexpectedly. The Changelog will be a section of the blog listing out the various tweaks so you can get an idea of what’s happening behind the scenes with GuardianForge. Expect this to be added in the coming days.

What’s Coming

There are alot of things that are currently in the works at Forge, so I figure with this blog I can outline a few things on the horizon:

  • ✅ Public User Profiles via Bungie Names
  • ✅ Improved User Area
  • ✅ Inventory Checking (show you what items you already have while reviewing a build)
  • ✅ Better Feedback/Error Reporting Integration
  • ✅ Other Third Party App Integration
  • ✅ Manual Build Crafting
  • ✅ Tighter Integration with Documentation

Some of these features will be in the base app, while others will be part of a yet to be implemented paid tier which will also remove ads from the site.

Thank You

Finally, I wanted to thank each and every one of my current users who use the app, and an extra shout out to those who help me test the app via the Discord server. I have received nothing but positive feedback and support from the overall Destiny community, as well as other third party developers building tools around the game we all love.

See you around the Tower

  • Brian