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The best way to create and share Destiny 2 builds with your friends & audience.

Find Community Builds

GuardianForge provides a simple way to find the builds you are looking for! Filter by Class, Subclass, Activity, or simply search for a specific piece of gear.

Once you find a build, you can bookmark it for later (logged in users only), share it with your friends & viewers, or create a DIM Loadout Optimizer link to make it your own!

Create Your Own Builds

The power of GuardianForge lies in allowing you to create builds based on any user in the Destiny player-base. Search for players to view their current Guardian loadout and create snapshots to share.

Sign into Forge using your Bungie account to unlock even more features like viewing your build history, bookmarked builds, and creating custom build directly in the app without having to set up your Guardian in-game!

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